In 1981, the Philsteel Group drew the blueprint of a new company which was envisioned to produce economical and durable building materials comparable to the world’s best. Out of this vision, a company called Philmetal Products, Inc. was established. Philmetal became fully operational in 1990, and is now engaged in roll-forming, slitting, shearing and fabrication of metal building products and systems such as roofing, cladding, floor decking, steel framing system and a host of steel sections and bended accessories that are integral parts of the building products.

It is a one-stop shop that also provides professional installation services to deliver a total package, making Philmetal an industry leader for metal building products and services.

More than 30 Years of Excellence and Beyond. Philmetal Products, Inc. has consistently enjoyed a high reputation for product and service excellence throughout its many years of operations making it the top choice among the leading developers, contractors and building professionals in the Philippines.

Philmetal’s manufacturing plants in Cebu, Bulacan and Carmona, Cavite, operate state- of- the- art equipment sourced from some of the world’s finest tooling companies.

Philmetal revolutionized the long span roofing industry with its introduction of the 4 foot wide long span roofing lines. It was the first to manufacture the concealed fastening roofing system, the first to introduce the tile-like effect roofing and the first to introduce the highly economical and fire-rated steel decking in the Philippines.

With its introduction of onsite roll forming in 1992, it provided the construction industry with continuous long span roofing products unequalled by any local steel company in length and quality. These capabilities find credence in the company’s record feat of roll forming. The world’s longest roofing sheet is 345 feet in a single span for the SM Central depot in Paranaque when it was built.

Philmetal Products, Inc. traces its culture of excellence from its parent company, Philsteel Holdings Inc., with its proud legacy of manufacturing high quality steel products from its beginnings as a joint venture between the Philippines’ Uy Family and prestigious Australian companies such as BHP, John Lysaght, and Rio Tinto. Philsteel Group of Companies is the proud manufacturer of GALVALUME55®, COLORBOND®, GALVABOND®, STEELDEK, GALVAFRAME® in the Philippines.

steeldek galvaframe colorbond pre painted roof decking

Philsteel: The power of one name

The might of strong and robust steel companies synergized into one.
Philsteel is the force that galvanizes each company;
Orchestrates and plans every move, defines the different yet vital role each company plays in the organization;
Allows a coherent, concerted effort by the companies to work together towards achieving a common goal;
To uplift the Filipino’s quality of life by leading the advocacy to raise the quality of Philippine steel products to world-class standards.

A Truly World-Class Plant

The plant houses state-of-the-art machinery and tools guided by up-to-the-minute technologie. Its testing and quality control facility is among the most comprehensive in the ASEAN Region.


The Continuous Galvanizing Line is projected to have a production capacity of 250,000 metric tons annually and operates at a maximum speed of 200 meters per minute! This speed, according to steel experts, is one of the fastest in the world in terms of operating speed.


The plant's Cold Rolling Mill assures that the country can depend on steel products with the highest degree of dimensional accuracy in thickness and superior flatness.


One of the most advanced in the country, ensuring complete and efficient removal of scale, rust and dirt from the hot rolled steel thus providing the Cold Rolling Mill and Continuous Galvanizing Line with input coils. It is capable of servicing 350,000 metric tons of hit rolled steel coils per year.

We Are A Business Dedicated In Providing Only Top Quality Products!