Who is Philsteel and what are the companies under the Philsteel Group?

Philsteel Holdings Corporation is behind pioneering steel manufacturing companies — Steel Corporation of the Philippines, Philmetal Products, Inc., and Premier Shelter Products, Inc.— that deliver supremely global and proudly local brands including GALVALUME55® , COLORBOND® and GALVABOND®.

Since 1979, the Philsteel Group of Companies has been in the frontline of the country’s struggle towards the development and modernization of the iron and steel industry.

It is the only Filipino steel company that has been recognized by international award-giving bodies for product excellence, including:

  • 1988 – International Asia Award for Quality (Hong Kong)
  • 1989 – International Asia Award for Quality (London)
  • 2014 – Gold Award for Product Excellence, Quality Summit Award (New York)

On its milestone year, the Philsteel Group of Companies continues its pioneering efforts to raise the quality of roofing and building materials in the Philippines to be at par with the world’s best.

In 2018, the Philsteel Group of Companies employs over 650 employees in its main offices in Makati, manufacturing plants and regional offices all over the Philippines.

What are the products manufactured by the Philsteel group of companies?

The Philsteel Group of Companies is behind supremely global and proudly local brands including GALVALUME55®, COLORBOND® and GALVABOND®.

In 1981, Philsteel notched a milestone in the Philippine construction industry with the introduction of GALVABOND®, which offers world-class lock-forming quality, excellent coating adhesion, superior corrosion resistance, weldability and formability.

In 1999, Philsteel pioneered the introduction of roofing technologies in the Philippines using patented, cutting edge technologies, becoming a trailblazer when it introduced GALVALUME55®, the first locally produced 55% AL/ZN coated steel sheet that provides superior roofing protection for Filipinos.

Under the helm of Philsteel Holdings Corporation, Steel Corporation of the Philippines manufactures GALVALUME55® and GALVABOND® PURE ZINC in its continuous galvanizing plant located in Balayan, Batangas.

COLORBOND® was among the first pre-painted metal roofing products in the Philippines. With the breakthrough success of GALVALUME55®, Philsteel began using 100% genuine GALVALUME55® as substrate for all COLORBOND® pre-painted roof profiles in 1999.

These core products were utilized to expand into a variety of roofing profiles that the Philsteel Group of Companies currently offers. COLORBOND® with various roof profiles are manufactured in roll forming plants located in Bulacan; Carmona, Cavite and regional plants located nationwide.

Aside from its products, what services does the Philsteel companies offer?