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Structural Design Services

Provides appropriate design needs of the customer in the structural analysis of metal decking design, metal roof rainfall capacity rates, and metal roof wind-up lift calculation. The Structural and Technical Design group provides professionally drawn shop drawings and detailing works.

Project Cost Estimate Services

Provides free and reliable project cost estimates. Staffed with professionally-trained engineers and architects who are highly specialized in roof coverings, fascia, cladding, and metal decking, the team conducts quantity take-offs from plans and actual measurements using the latest estimating software.

Bending Services

Offers bending services to any desired shape or specification. Equipped with bending facilities that can service any base metal material from a thickness range of 0.30 mm to 1.6 mm of 2.44m, 3.66m, and up to 6.0m length of different shapes both for light and heavy gauges.

Installation Services

Provides expert professional services in the specialized field of metal roof, fascia, cladding, ceiling panels and metal decking installation. Installation teams are headed by a highly-trained licensed engineer or architect, depending on the installation requirements.

steeldek galvaframe colorbond pre painted roof decking

Slitting Services

Equipped with an automatic uncoiler and recoiler, the slitting line can slit coils with thickness ranging from 0.30mm to 2.00mm into minimum widths of up to 50mm.

steeldek galvaframe colorbond pre painted roof decking

Shearing Services

The shearing line can cut flat steel and coated steel materials with thickness ranging from 0.30mm to 2.00 mm.

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